• If you are having the filler injected at the hospital while asleep, you will feel no pain at all during the procedure.
  • If the filler is injected while you are awake (with a local anaesthetic), the pain will vary from patient to patient.

First, the buttocks are injected with a local anaesthetic.

The surgeon will not start injecting filler until the area has gone numb. However, the patient can still experience pain despite having had a local anaesthetic, and in exceptional cases, the pain can be significant.

Patients that have a low pain threshold should request the filler to be injected under sedation, at a private hospital on Harley Street, at additional cost.

In the first few days following the injections, the buttock area will feel heavy and there may be some swelling.

The patient may require some mild pain relief of the type typically available over the counter at a pharmacy without a prescription.

A course of antibiotics will be required to be taken following the buttock injections to minimise the risk of infection.