Brazilian Butt Lift Prices

Fat Transfer to Buttocks

Brazilian Butt Lift Prices

From £6,650 (with liposuction from a single donor site, i.e. the lower abdomen).

For each additional fat donor site add £600.

Also included:

MicroAire to aid liposuction and Aquavage or Puregraft technology to process fat is included.

MicroAire ensures the maximum amount of fat can be removed from your donor sites.

Aquavage and Puregraft give fat cells the best chance of surviving and minimise the chance of infection.

Additional costs not included:

Blood tests are additional and cost approximately £150.

Covid-19 tests are additional and cost between £100 and £200.


Harley Clinics can provide at-home nursing following surgery.

Harley Clinics Aftercare

A registered nurse can visit you at your home after your surgery, to check up on you and to change your dressings.

At-home nurse visits are additional at £200 per visit.

Alternatively, full aftercare including dressing chages is included without charge at our Harley Street premises, for as long as the patient requires.

Typically, patients require 1 or 2 nurse visits for dressing changes, depending on the procedure.

All loans are subject to status and credit search.

Harley Buttock Clinic will submit your loan application to the lender however we have no control over the decision to lend.

Credit is provided by a third-party finance company.