Buttock Injection Prices

The most competitively priced buttock injections in the UK – Guaranteed *

* When using a quality branded filler. We can not match the price of inferior imported fillers imported from China.  

Only HyaCorp filler is used.

Uncertified (CE) or inexpensive alternative fillers give unsatisfactory results and lead to serious complications.

It is important to know which brand of filler is being injected, before making any price comparison.

From £2,950 – Hyaluronic acid 100 ml

The most competitively priced buttock injections in the UK – Guaranteed

100 ml is generally the minimum amount of filler that can be expected to produce any noticeable increase in volume on a small patient.

A 100 ml procedure is generally more suited to enhancing a small specific area of the buttocks or filling in ‘hip dips’.

Most patients will require 200 ml to 400 ml of filler, or more, to make a difference.

100 ml: £2,950 (price per ml: £29.50)

200 ml: £4,400 (price per ml: £22.00)

300 ml: £6,000 (price per ml: £20.00)

400 ml: £7,800 (price per ml: £19.50)

500 ml: £9,500 (price per ml: £19.00)

600 ml: £11,100 (price per ml: £18.50)

700 ml: £12,600 (price per ml: £18.00)

800 ml: £14,400 (price per ml: £18.00)

(2 visits to the clinic may be required for higher volumes)

Consultation fee: £30

The consultation fee is credited against the cost of any procedure undertaken.

If you need to cancel your appointment, please let us know 48 hours in advance.


(Being put to sleep)

It is recommended that patients are sedated, and a cannula is used to inject Hyaluronic acid at sufficient depth from the surface of the buttocks.

Injecting the filler deeper reduces the risk of lumps, and provides a natural-looking result.

Buttock filler cannot be injected at the optimal depth while the patient is awake (using only local anaesthetic).

Sedation costs an additional £1,700, however, the result is superior as the filler can be injected deeper into the buttocks.

The procedure is painless when sedated (you are asleep).

To have the procedure while asleep, blood tests will also be required, an additional cost of approximately £120.

Covid-19 tests are also additional and cost between £100 and £200.

Collagen Stimulator Buttock Injections

Logo Buttock Filler Brand

We guarantee to beat any UK price – email info@harleybuttock.co.uk to find out more.

Poly-L-lactic acid collagen stimulator

£280 per vial

After 10 vials – £265 per additional vial

The lowest-priced collagen stimulator buttock injections in the UK *

GMC Buttock Surgeon

* When injected by a qualified buttock surgeon.

Comparison Table

Hyacorp vs Economy Filler


Lasts for
Made In
Pain Level
Sedation Charge
Risk of Lumpiness
Risk of Migration
Can be Dissolved
Main Ingredient
Results Seen
Risk Level

Premium Filler

9 - 18 months*
Lasts for : 9 - 18 months*
Made In : Germany
Pain Level : Low - Moderate
Sedation Charge : £1,700
Risk of Lumpiness : Very Low
Risk of Migration : Very Low
Can be Dissolved : Yes
Main Ingredient : Hyaluronic acid
Results Seen : Immediate Results
Risk Level: Low

Economy Filler

3 - 6 months*
Lasts for : 3 - 6 months*
Made In : China / Korea
Pain Level : High - Recommend Sedation
Sedation Charge : £1,700
Risk of Lumpiness : Moderate
Risk of Migration : Can migrate over time.
Can be Dissolved : Yes
Main Ingredient : Hyaluronic acid
Results Seen : Immediate Results
Risk Level: Low

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