Buttock Implant Prices

From £7,950 including surgeons fees, private hospital charges, anaesthetist fees, and your Polytech implants.

Additional costs not included:

Two nurse visits to your home after surgery are additional at £200 per visit.

(Alternatively, return to the hospital for dressing changes free of charge).

Blood tests are additional and cost approximately £150.

Covid-19 tests are additional and cost between £100 and £200.

For very large implants over 590 ml (cc), or for custom-made implants add +£3,500.

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Buttock Injection Prices

The most competitively priced buttock injections in the UK – Guaranteed *

* When using a quality branded filler. We can not match the price of inferior imported fillers imported from China.  

Only HYAcorp filler is used.

Uncertified (CE) or inexpensive alternative fillers give unsatisfactory results and lead to serious complications.

It is important to know which brand of filler is being injected, before making any price comparison.

From £2,600 – Hyacorp Hyaluronic acid 100 ml

The most competitively priced buttock injections in the UK – Guaranteed

100 ml is generally the minimum amount of filler that can be expected to produce any noticeable increase in volume on a small patient.

A 100 ml procedure is generally more suited to enhancing a small specific area of the buttocks or filling in ‘hip dips’.

Most patients will require 200 ml to 400 ml of filler, or more, to make a difference.

100 ml: £2,600 (price per ml: £26.00)

200 ml: £3,600 (price per ml: £18.00)

300 ml: £4,800 (price per ml: £16.00)

400 ml: £5,950 (price per ml: £14.88)

500 ml: £7,100 (price per ml: £14.20)

600 ml: £8,100 (price per ml: £13.50)

(2 visits to the clinic may be required for higher volumes)


(Being put to sleep)

It is recommended that patients are sedated, and a cannula is used to inject Hyaluronic acid at sufficient depth from the surface of the buttocks.

Injecting the filler deeper reduces the risk of lumps, and provides a natural-looking result.

Buttock filler cannot be injected at the optimal depth while the patient is awake (using only local anaesthetic).

Sedation costs approximately £2,000, however, the result is superior as the filler can be injected deeper into the buttocks.

The procedure is painless when sedated (you are asleep).

To have the procedure while asleep, blood tests will also be required, an additional cost of approximately £150.

Covid-19 tests are also additional and cost between £100 and £200.

Lanluma Buttock Injections

Logo Buttock Filler Brand

We guarantee to beat any UK price – email info@harleybuttock.co.uk to find out more.

2 Vials (Equivalent of 8+ vials of Sculptra, for ‘Hip Dips’) £2,450

4 Vials (Equivalent of 16+ vials of Sculptra) £3,950

6 Vials (Equivalent of 24+ vials of Sculptra) £5,250

8 Vials (Equivalent of 32+ vials of Sculptra) £6,200

Top-up 2 Vials £2,250

The lowest-priced collagen stimulator buttock injections in the UK *

GMC Buttock Surgeon

* When injected by a qualified buttock surgeon.

Brazilian Butt Lift Prices

Fat Transfer to Buttocks

Brazilian Butt Lift Prices

From £6,650 (with liposuction from a single donor site, i.e. the lower abdomen).

For each additional fat donor site add £600.

Also included:

MicroAire to aid liposuction and Aquavage or Puregraft technology to process fat is included.

MicroAire ensures the maximum amount of fat can be removed from your donor sites.

Aquavage and Puregraft give fat cells the best chance of surviving and minimise the chance of infection.

Additional costs not included:

Blood tests are additional and cost approximately £150.

Covid-19 tests are additional and cost between £100 and £200.


Harley Clinics can provide at-home nursing following surgery.

Harley Clinics Aftercare

A registered nurse can visit you at your home after your surgery, to check up on you and to change your dressings.

At-home nurse visits are additional at £200 per visit.

Alternatively, full aftercare including dressing chages is included without charge at our Harley Street premises, for as long as the patient requires.

Typically, patients require 1 or 2 nurse visits for dressing changes, depending on the procedure.

Site Author Surgeon Dr Gary Horn

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Dr Gary Horn
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Dr Gary Horn is a highly acclaimed Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with over 25 years of experience in buttock augmentation and reshaping with buttock implants and fat transfer. Dr Horn is a registered Plastic Surgeon in the UK (GMC 4267803) and Belgium.

SPECIALITIES: General Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

LANGUAGES:  English, French


Dr Horn is qualified to perform a large range of procedures, including:
Buttock Implant Surgery (Gluteoplasty), Fat Transfer to Buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift), Gluteal Sculpting (Brazilian Butt Lift without fat transfer), Buttock Injections (using Hyaluronic Acid)

Gluteoplasty with intramuscular silicone cohesive gel implants: a retrospective study of 50 cases.

For a comprehensive list of publications please see Dr Horn’s Linkedin.