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Buttock Implants

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Silicone-gel filled gluteus implants (butt implants), in two shapes and three surfaces, with planar or concave back.


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Harley Buttock is dedicated to the enhancement of the gluteal area through buttock augmentation and buttock reshaping.  The clinic’s surgeons are specialists in buttock implants, buttock fat transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift), and non-surgical butt injections.

An experienced surgeon will explain all the options available, and help you to determine the best approach to achieving your goals, whether they be increasing the size of the buttocks, reshaping, or lifting the butt.

Surrounding areas may also be sculpted to improve the appearance of the buttocks and hips, including the filling of ‘hip dips’.

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Buttock augmentation and reshaping is performed using silicon gel buttock implants, or a fat transfer to buttocks using the body’s own fat (if you have enough of it), or through the injection of hyaluronic acid fillers (butt injections).

Buttock implants, using silicone gel buttock implants similar to those used in the breast.

Brazilian butt lift, where fat is liposuctioned from one part of the body and injected into the buttocks.

Butt injections, using hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. Harley Buttock Clinic provides the most competitively priced HA based buttock injections in the UK.

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Bum injections, provide a non-surgical butt lift and are used when patients do not have enough excess fat for buttock fat transfer, or if they wish to avoid surgery. Buttock injections can be used to augment and reshape the buttocks, providing results lasting up to 18 months or more using the latest fillers.

Buttock implant surgery is performed under general anaesthetic, and takes about 1.5 hours.  Implants are inserted through incisions in the buttock fold.

Brazilian Butt Lift or buttock fat transfer involves the liposuction of fat from one of more areas of the body, and injection of fat into the buttocks and hips.

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Consultation with an experienced buttock augmentation and reshaping surgeon.


We offer patients the choice of a range of advanced methods of buttock augmentation, ranging from minimally invasive fillers, to fat transfer and buttock implants.

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